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gal vertėtų labiau aukštinti lietuviškai rašytas mintis, jų išties yra labai smagių. Kaip pasisakė vieną dalyvė “Tarantino stiliaus” vertų, bet nekelti užsukusių spam botų…

Kada baigsis spamo globa? :)

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Some of dog‘s instincts survived till nowadays


Some of dog‘s instincts survived till nowadays
If you are considering about a dog adoption, firstly you should know its habits.
Before falling asleep the dog moves around in one place for some time. It is the instinct which comes from the ancient times when wild dogs stamped the grass and leaves in order to sleep more comfortable and to mark their territory. Dogs like playing more than other pets. It is related to their predatory nature. Only predators that doesn‘t feel the threat from other animals can let themselves to play. It is important to play for dogs. If they don‘t play, their behaviour, hunting and even reproduction skills can be spoiled. If the weather is bad, you should play with your dog at home. It is significantly important to choose the best toys for your pet. They shouldn‘t be too small in order not to swallow them and they shouldn‘t be sharp that your dog won‘t hurt itself. The best toys are from the firm rubber and their shape should be round or like a stick. You shouldn‘t give to play your child‘s ball to your dog as it is easy to bite and a small part of it can make serious digestive problems to your pet. Instead of ball you can give an apple if you are outside. Small bitten parts of it are useful for your pet‘s teeth.
There are two behaviour types of dogs. The first one is instinctive, it makes dogs to dig their bones for the rainy day. The second - related to their experience. For example, the dog will keep away from the place where it was poured with water. In that way playing, hunting and aggressive instincts shape the dog‘s behaviour.
Finally, after being familiarized with the information above, it will be easier to take dogs for adoption and to take care of them.

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